Monday, 25 February 2013


plait attack dog diy1

This post marks the first in a new series aptly entitled DOG DIY... I sometimes have ideas for dog toys that can be made from things that most people have lying about their house. Often they're simple, so much so that you probably wouldn't want to buy them but rather might be interested in making them for yourself.

First up is the plait attack interactive dog toy, a really fun way to keep your dog occupied and use his brain. All made with an old tea towel and some smelly treats.
  plait attack dog diy toy comp 1

You'll need an old tea towel, your dog's favourite treats (the smellier the better) and a sharp pair of scissors.

First up, lay your tea towel out flat with the short sides facing you. Then cut two strips lengthways up the tea towel stopping about 5cm short of the top edge. You'll now have three strips which are joined at the top. But as each of these strips are quite wide, we're going to fold each one in half lengthways as shown above - this will make our toy that bit tougher and make for more sneaky places to hide treats for your dog.
  plait attack dog diy toy comp 2

Now just plait away, tucking treats into the plait as you go. To begin with just tuck these in loosely; as your dog gets the hang of it you can push them in deeper and tuck them inside those folds we made earlier.
  plait attack dog diy toy comp 3

When you get to the end of your tea towel, take one of the strands, wrap it around the plait and tuck it up through the loop you just made. Pull tight. Now turn your dog toy over, tuck some more treats into the back...

...and you're done.

plait attack dog diy toy 11

Once your dog's sniffed out all his treats you can pop some more in and start again or if your toy's looking a bit worse for wear just throw it in the washing machine and re-plait. Not too shabby for a manky old tea towel!

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