Friday, 15 February 2013


One of the best things about doing what I do is when you hear back from your customers about how in love their dog is with the toy they bought for them. They bring Roxy such joy (but she is quite easily pleased) so to hear from customers that their dog feels the same is amazing.

Earlier this week I heard from Huxley's mum about how pleased he is with his giant pom pom dog toy. Huxley's a beautiful Great Dane puppy who gets very excited over tassels - let's be honest, who doesn't - so when I heard this I suggested the giant pom pom might be a good dog toy to try. I'm told Huxley's quite enamoured with the new edition to his toy box and as well as giving it a good and proper shake, it also doubles up as a handy pillow.
I'd love to set up a gallery of our happy customers so please do email a pic of your pooch with their east end best friend pawsomeness along with their name to and I'll put it on the website.

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